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Don’t Do Anything Stupid Episode 31

Our second hour with Coast Guard H-65 Pilot “Sticks” begins with a funny story about a wildly specific “target” for their Search & Rescue “SAR” mission. The things get real as he talks about 9-11 and how things went for them that week.   What we (and most people) would consider wildly dangerous is just another Wednesday afternoon for your Coast Guard aviators. They do things every day as a […]

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Lawman and His Trusty Steed

The Lieutenant Savoy Incident Episode 24

Lawman sat with us for more than 5 hours to discuss his unique career before becoming a Blue Angel; and how he got to fly almost every plane in the Marine Corps inventory in Afghanistan. We will break this into about five shows and likely intersperse other shows in between. Lawman is a natural storyteller; he had us howling with laughter and choking up in despair. You’ll hear how his upbringing set him up for success in […]

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F-14 Crash Site

YeeHaw – Pester’s Dead! Episode 9

This week’s show is dedicated to the memory of Retired Navy Captain James “Sinzy” Sinz. A former Commanding Officer of both Repete and this week’s guest, Pester, Sinzy was an exceptional leader who cared deeply about setting the example, providing guidance when needed, and helping his Sailors and Marines whenever he could. Capt Sinz’s obituary can be found here. Captain Sinz: Fair Winds and Following Seas, Sir. Rest well knowing […]

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So there I was… Callsigns and Other $#¡+ – Show #1

So there I was… It’s how every great aviation tale begins. Join Fig and Repete – two former Harrier pilots as they kick off the show that will tell funny, harrowing, tragic and incredible stories in aviation. This first episode is more of a ‘get to know us’ show and was done to iron out some kinks in the process of getting underway. It is posted in its entirety, warts […]

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