Fatty & The Crew

Keep an Eye Out for Me Episode 26

Fatty joins the show this week to talk about how he became a Guardsman – and the benefits thereof. He tells how plans went awry when the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure Commission) got rid of his F-15 Squadron while he was in flight school and how he managed to adapt and overcome. When he found himself in Afghanistan over Christmas of ~2010 Fatty found entertainment in providing roofies to […]

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Lawman and His Trusty Steed

The Lieutenant Savoy Incident Episode 24

Lawman sat with us for more than 5 hours to discuss his unique career before becoming a Blue Angel; and how he got to fly almost every plane in the Marine Corps inventory in Afghanistan. We will break this into about five shows and likely intersperse other shows in between. Lawman is a natural storyteller; he had us howling with laughter and choking up in despair. You’ll hear how his upbringing set him up for success in […]

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