Best Job in the Galaxy! Episode 18

This is the second half of our time with “Nasty;” the former Commanding Officer of VF-31, The USS Sacramento, The USS Nimitz and a Strike Group aboard the USS Eisenhower. He tells of the time he ejected from an F-14 over the shark-infested waters of the Pacific. He describes why “Nuke-School” is hard – and the benefits thereof. And he tells us what the “Best Job in the Galaxy, HANDS-DOWN” […]

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On a Mission from God

We Were on a Mission from God Episode 11

Sheriff joins Fig and Repete to tell how his interest in aviation was initially sparked. Then he relays how it evolved from some wild adventures in light civil aircraft to his pursuit and success in becoming a Naval Flight Officer flying in military tactical jets. There is one specific story in light civil planes that was described then and now as: ‘We were on a mission from God!’ Sheriff recounts […]

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