The Eagle Was Grounded Episode 20

Another first for the show! This week “Father” joins Fig and Repete in the first Air Force pilot interview on So There I Was. Father flew the F-15 Eagle acquiring 3800+ hours and was the Squadron Commander in St. Louis, MO when he finished his career. Father had the misfortune of being the witness to an accident so mystifying at the time the Air Force Grounded the entire fleet of […]

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Happy Birthday, Yogi! Episode 14

Yogi and Master join us this week to tell their first-hand account of one of the most terrifying landings on an aircraft carrier in Naval Aviation history. Period. What started as a routine mission on Yogi’s birthday was supposed to end with Yogi becoming a “Centurion” as he got his 100th “trap” aboard an aircraft carrier. Instead, it turned into one of the most harrowing recoveries EVER conducted aboard a […]

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9-Point buck Luke hit in 1992

Harrier: 1 – Nine-Point Buck: Zero Episode 5

Luke Joins hosts Fig & Repete to talk about his journey from the midwest to the Naval Academy. He tells how he became a Marine heavy helicopter pilot and Harrier pilot. He recounts a couple of brushes with disaster and how he avoided jumping out of a Harrier right before leaving active duty. There is a saying in aviation: It’s better to be lucky than good. But when your luck […]

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