Helicopter in Alaska's Snow

Logbook Entry: Almost Died Today Episode 82

Welcome Chris, whose flight tales we admire,A West Point grad, in Air Cav attire.In skies, his passion did conspire,‘Army Training, Sir!’ his spirited fire. At flight school, where challenges soar,He pushed flying bounds, then pushed some more.In cold Alaska’s daunting door,Helicopter ops, survival lore. A tale of hovering, smart and true,From crash-bound paths, he skillfully flew.Took controls with a deft maneuver,Saving the day with his astute fervor. With wildlife encounters, […]

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Ready Deck

I’m a Frickin’ Piñata Episode 81

Join hosts Fig and RePete as they explore the remarkable life of “Jungle,” a man whose experiences could fill an action-packed novel. From his beginnings in Navy ROTC to exhilarating missions piloting F-14Ds, Jungle’s story is a thrilling ride of high-stakes and remarkable achievements. Discover his incredible non-stop transcontinental flight, demanding desert operations, and the tense moments of Operation Southern Watch. Jungle also reveals behind-the-scenes tales from his time at […]

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Sal & His Father Flying Together

You Can’t Make Me Airsick Episode 80

This week’s episode delves into Sal’s lifelong passion for aviation. It humorously touches on his military days when Drill Instructors refused to call him ‘Marinello,’ opting for ‘Private Ello’ instead, to avoid the word ‘Marine’ in his name! Sal recounts his time with the 3d LAAM Battalion (HAWK Missiles) as well as the pivotal moment of his first flight, underscoring the seriousness of his commitment to learning. A highlight this […]

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MH-65 "Tupper-Wolf" Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter

With Due Regard, You’re Cleared Episode 79

This week we’re joined by Sticks who dives deep into his adventures with the Coast Guard’s MH-65 “Tupper-Wolf”, humorously described as “Airwolf meets Tupperware!” He recounts flying in challenging ‘zero-zero’ weather, the heartbreak of unsuccessful missions, and a unique rescue where not saving someone directly meant truly saving him. Hear about a man underestimating river currents with his car and Sticks’ uproarious tale from the ER involving a particularly ‘absent-minded’ […]

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SeaBass in the Middle East

I Went SERE School on Him Episode 78

This week’s riveting episode of “So There I Was” podcast, is Episode 78, featuring the incredible “SeaBass.” Originally turning away from the Marine Corps, SeaBass shockingly ended up retiring as a Marine LtCol with 22 years under his belt, but it wasn’t handed to him… in fact once you hear how he got in the Marine Corps, you’ll be as surprised as we were that he did get in; a […]

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AV-8A Flown by LtCol Spicer

Fire Coming Out the Go End Episode 77

Dive into the next episode of “So There I Was” and find yourself entranced by the tales of legendary Marine Harrier pilot, “Sugar.” Experience the thrilling moments of aviation as he recounts his vital role in the introduction of the AV-8A into the U.S. arsenal. Discover how Sugar’s unique experiences on helicopter carriers and other aircraft shaped the trajectory of his career. Hear many amusing stories including how he managed […]

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Sea Stories of a US Marine - Command

1000 Answers and No Questions Episode 76

LtCol. W.R. Spicer, “Sugar” a Marine who rose from the rank of Private to command an AV-8 Harrier Squadron returns to tell us more stories from his amazing aviation career. We talk of his impressive background to set the stage for why he was able to repeatedly accomplish successful demonstration of the concept of VSTOL aviation. There were many intense situations which he faced, such as landing with limited fuel […]

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Navy EP-3!

Don’t Beat the Olympic Runner, Please! Episode 75

This week on So There I Was, RePete is joined by guest Co-Horst, Sticks whilst Fig vacations in Italy. Dive deep into the exhilarating world of Naval aviation with Briggs, a seasoned EP-3 pilot. From the intensity of Cold War intelligence missions to the pulse-pounding experience of night carrier operations, Briggs shares gripping tales that will have you at the edge of your seat. Hear about emergency landings, engine failures, […]

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Harriers and Hornets at the Carrier

Mattress 1, Harrier 0 Episode 74

In this thrilling episode, we’re joined by Fister, an elite Weapons and Tactics Instructor with an incredible story to share. Get ready to soar through the skies as he takes us on a pulse-pounding journey inside the cockpit of the AV-8B Harrier jump-jet. But that’s not all! Fister was the last Commanding Officer of VMAT-203, the legendary squadron where aspiring Harrier pilots learn to master this formidable aircraft. Brace yourself […]

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Hound with his old "War Horse" the RA-5C Vigilante!

156618, My Old War Horse Episode 73

Prepare for an exhilarating journey on this week’s episode of So There I Was, aptly titled “156618, My Old War Horse.” Listeners are in for a breathtaking adventure as they meet the remarkable “Hound,” who takes center stage alongside hosts Fig and RePete. Hound’s lifelong fascination with flight ignited in a small airplane, where he gazed upon his own house from the skies, setting the stage for a life of […]

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