SH-60 Landing Shipboard at Night!

Hoka Hey Episode 96

Dive into an electrifying episode of So There I Was, where hosts, Fig, RePete, and Sticks, engage in a riveting conversation with the “Great Tuntini.” In this episode, Tuntini returns to share his experiences piloting helicopters and the evolution of them as weapon platforms in the US Navy, delving into the significant advancements the US Navy has made to enhance their effectiveness in this role. But that’s not all – […]

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B-24 Liberator Making a Delivery

You Could Hear the Schrapnel Hit the Airplane Episode 95

This is an incredible week as our guest “Rosie” recalls his experiences growing up on a Kansas farm during the “Dust Bowl” years in the 1930s and going from austere beginnings to enlisting in the Army Air Corps on his 18th birthday. Not wanting to be an infantryman, Rosie passed the tests necessary and convinced the medics to let him fly when it looked like they might ground him. After […]

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UH-1N In Antarctica

Fins on Pigs Episode 94

In this riotous saga, a quartet of RePete, Fig, Sticks, and the impossibly chill pilot Ice (who’s cooler than a yeti’s icebox) – embark on a whirlwind of sky-high shenanigans. Ice, a maestro of the skies, has tamed both SH-60 helicopters and UH-1s in realms chillier than a snowman’s handshake—yep, Antarctica. He unveils tales of aerial school antics, including how to auto-rotate and that jaw-dropping moment when SH-60 float bags […]

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MajGen Anderson, LtCol Don Lopez & Neil Armstrong

Explaining Space to Neil Armstrong Episode 93

In an engaging episode, Gallo shares more unforgettable tales from his time as a test pilot. He tells of his first time flying a two-seat “T AV-8” marked by a canopy incident that almost ended disastrously. The conversation takes an unexpectedly humorous turn when Gallo finds himself explaining the nuances of space travel to none other than Neil Armstrong, the pioneer of lunar exploration. This moment, filled with irony and […]

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Near Mid-Air in an F-16

Got Me a SAG Card Episode 92

Dive into an extraordinary tale of survival with Guvna as he shares his heart-stopping experience of cheating death by mere milliseconds. From an unassuming start on a routine flight, fate takes a dramatic turn, thrusting him into a pulse-pounding showdown against the odds. Witness the incredible interplay of sheer luck, piloting prowess, masterful engineering, and the unforgiving forces of nature, all converging in a moment that could have been his […]

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Books by Kerry McCauley

Treetop Level Across Gabon Episode 91

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a high-flying adventure with Kerry McCauley, the intrepid author of “Ferry Pilot” and “Dangerous Flights” as well as star of the Discovery Channel show by the same name; “Dangerous Flights.” He’s touching down on our show to share his thrilling and often unpredictable experiences in ferrying light civilian aircraft over oceans and through remote, challenging landscapes. These are places where these planes are as […]

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AV-8A Harrier

Blues Brothers Episode 90

Get ready for the finale of our chat with the one and only Gallo! This isn’t just any interview – it’s a rollercoaster ride through the epic tales of a man who practically became one with his Harrier jet. Picture this: a career so gripping, Gallo didn’t hang up his Harrier flying even after bidding adieu to the Marine Corps. Oh, and remember “Kaos” from episodes 45 and 46? He […]

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Gallo in and AV-8B Harrier

He Cold-cocked Me! Episode 89

Gallo joins us to talk about his time at the Naval Aceademy, why he chose the Marines and only planned to stay in for 4 years, flight school with the Air Force, Flying Phantoms in Combat in Vietnam, his transition to Harriers, Test Pilot assignments and much much more! A true legend of Marine Aviation – This is the first half of two shows with Gallo… Enjoy!

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Book Cover - High School Dropout: Stories of a Navy Pilot

Smoke in the Tube Episode 88

Join us for an enthralling episode. We delve into the remarkable life story of Butch Rutt, a man of many talents and experiences. A high school dropout turned Navy P-3 Pilot, Rutt’s journey is anything but ordinary. From his time as a bail bondsman to his role in Customs & Border Patrol, his diverse career has been filled with unique challenges and adventures. One highlight of this episode is Rutt’s […]

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VMF-214 In History

Recently we received a monetary donation from a listener, Jeff Krosse… and then a second gift from him that we would like to share here. It’s of the many of the Marines of VMF-214 (Black Sheep Squadron) taken on Dec. 27th, 1943 on an island called Vella Lavella in the Marshall Islands. It is signed by 3 of the pilots in the photo: Capt Ed Olander (5 Zeros) LtCol John […]

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