Hound with his old "War Horse" the RA-5C Vigilante!

156618, My Old War Horse Episode 73

Hound’s determination led him to the Naval Academy, his eyes fixed on becoming a carrier-based pilot. However, a twist of fate steered him away from the Marines when he uncovered the precarious nature of flight status within their ranks. Undaunted, he embarked on advanced jet training in Meridian, MS, ultimately choosing the RA-5C Vigilante—a Mach-2 photo reconnaissance jet—as his vessel of choice after completing flight school. The heart-stopping apex of […]

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KC-130 Dropping Flares

A Bunch of Friggin’ Balloons Episode 72

We conclude our visit with Taco as he offers a thrilling account of his adventures; starting with recounting his visit to Iwo Jima on the 50th anniversary of the WWII battle, where he met survivors of the invasion force and explored the frozen-in-time caves and bunkers, providing a unique perspective on history. Taco also discusses other aviation experiences, sharing his regret over the unfortunate crash of his Cherokee after he […]

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C-130 the Mighty Herc Refueling

They Were Going to Die Anyway Episode 71

Get ready for an episode that’s going to take your aviation enthusiasm to new heights! In this episode, we’re leaving the ground behind to soar through the incredible stories with our guest, Marine KC-130 Tanker pilot, Taco. This week we open with heartfelt messages from dedicated supporters and a nod to our new “Tanker Aircraft Commander Patron,” Sal Marinello and his selfless dedication to all who serve(d). Then we dive […]

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FlyWire Creator Scott Perdue

FlyWire: Where’s The Rock? Episode 70

Soaring to New Heights with Scott Perdue of “FlyWire”: An Episode You Can’t Miss! This week we have an electrifying guest: Scott “Gunny” Perdue, the aviation mastermind behind the hit YouTube channel, “FlyWire”. Get ready to strap in and embark on a thrilling ride through the skies of Gunny’s experiences. From nail-biting encounters in the F-4 Phantom to the adrenaline-packed tales in the F-100 Fokker, this episode promises a captivating […]

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The Compulsive Story Teller

The Compulsive Story Teller: Me Too, Mom

As a special treat this week we are bringing you an episode from another podcast, The Compulsive Story Teller. Have you ever felt the pull of a compelling story? The kind that stays with you, long after it’s been told? Meet Gregg LeFevre, a New Yorker whose storytelling is not just a passion, but a compulsion. With over 200 public art projects worldwide, including NYC’s expansive Library Walk, Gregg’s work […]

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US Navy Flight Surgeon Wings

Too Busy for Officer Indoc Episode 69

Doc-Doc joined hosts Fig & RePete for an intriguing episode. A former Navy flight surgeon in a Marine Harrier Squadron, Doc-Doc tells how he became a flight surgeon in spite of not having any previous pull towards aviation. Hear captivating stories of honor from the Black world famous “Black Sheep Squadron.” And in the prologue, Fig talks up a veteran’s outdoor adventure nonprofit outfit in Michigan providing services to Active, […]

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Deus Flying a Rescue Mission after Hurricane Katrina

I’m a Caveman Lawyer – I Don’t Lie for Free Episode 68

Ready to Dive into an Adventure?** 🚁🎤 Hold onto your headphones, folks, because this episode is jam-packed with laughter, twists, and turns! Ever heard of an attorney who flies rescue helicopters and was once a suspect in a sledgehammer & Hello-Kitty-umbrella burglary? 😂🌂🔨 If you’re scratching your head, you’re not alone! 🚁 Deus, with a career more colorful than a Mardi Gras parade, spills the beans on his roller-coaster ride […]

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Blancolirio Channel Logo

Blancolirio Episode 67

Tune in to this week’s episode of “So There I Was” as we navigate the skies with Juan Browne, the mastermind of the Blancolirio Channel on YouTube! Ever marveled at his gift for demystifying intricate topics? Curious about the origins of his channel’s name? Dive into Juan’s riveting tales, including the heart-stopping moment he found himself in an inverted flat spin, with no prior training on how to escape! From […]

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Full Throttle Book Cover

Full Throttle Episode 66

Intake brings listeners on a thrilling journey through his life. From his time as a squadron commander and Blue Angel solo pilot, to his daring work as a Hollywood stunt pilot for the movie Top Gun Maverick, Intake’s experiences in the cockpit are nothing short of breathtaking. His tales of close calls, shenanigans, and the intense teamwork required to fly the F-18 paint a vivid picture of life in the […]

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F/A-18 D in IRaq 1991

You Tight Like Onion Episode 65

Onion shares gripping stories from his time as a Marine Fighter / Attack Pilot. He recounts a situation in Iraq where he witnessed the resourcefulness of Marines who called for an air strike in a very unconventional manner when they were surrounded by Iraqi tanks. Onion’s most coincidental story involves helping Vapor (episode 62) who ejected from a Harrier without hydraulics and wound up navigating a minefield to reach friendly […]

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