Spook and his squadron mates with an F/A-18 Hornet

It’s All Combat Episode 112

Spook joins us to talk about becoming a Marine pilot, Reuniting with Fig after 37 years, Flying the Hornet in the Marines and the Royal Australian Air Force. Find out why he chose the Marines over the Air Force and the Navy. Find out how he got his callsign. Learn that he has video proof that HE was the one to shoot down a drone tractor. Hear how he placed […]

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Dan Commuting to Work in the Back of a HMMWV

Pulled the Handle! Just Not Very Hard Episode 110

In this episode, we delve into our experiences in the Marine Corps and aviation tales, prompted by guest Dan of the excellent Danger Close Podcast. Subscribe to that show here: Danger Close Reflecting on how military service shaped us, we share stories of fallen comrades, challenges faced in emergencies, and the unique focus of the Danger Close podcast on war films. From Marine Corps values and leadership qualities to aviation missions […]

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Danger Close Podcast

We’re Not Ready You Idiot Episode 109

This week on “So There I Was,” join hosts Fig & RePete and special guest Dan from the “Danger Close Podcast” as they embark on a thrilling exploration of a Marine Air Traffic Controller’s life turned podcaster. Experience firsthand the intense challenges of boot camp and the critical responsibilities within an Air Traffic Control Tower where every decision is crucial. In this special collaboration episode, we delve into the gripping […]

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News 12 Meteorologist Bill Korbel

It’s a Lot Like Yesterday Episode 108

Join us on this week’s episode where we sit down with Bill “The Weatherguy” Korbell, a man who’s forecasted everything from monsoons in Thailand to the less-than-perfect day for a presidential flight. Starting off his career in the sweltering heat of 1960s Thailand with the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, Bill was the go-to meteorologist briefing for Operation Bolo, which aimed to outsmart the nimble NV MiG 21s that were giving […]

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Hangar 4 Book Cover

Bad-Assery & Jack-Assery Episode 107

Join us this week for an engaging conversation with Isaac G. Lee, author of “Hangar 4.” This groundbreaking book is the first to detail the Marine Corps’ CH-53E “Super Stallion” operations during Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Known by his call sign “Whisky,” Lee provides a fascinating look at his illustrious career. His journey begins in Quantico’s dense forests and progresses to leading a CH-53 squadron. His experiences are detailed […]

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U-2 Shadow on Spy Balloon

Flying the “B-one” Episode 106

This week buckle up with Grease as he takes us on a high-flying journey through his storied aviation career. From zipping across skies in sleek Saber-Liners and Lear Jets to commanding the formidable B-1 Bomber and the elusive U-2, Grease has done it all. He dives into the thrilling early days of the B-1 and reveals the sky-high challenges of piloting the U-2—like pre-breathing oxygen just to sidestep the bends […]

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Halfway Around the World in 40 Days!

Halfway Around the World in 40 Days Episode 105

This week’s guest, KK, hails from East Germany—back when the Berlin Wall was more than just a memory. Believe it or not, flying was nowhere on her radar until one fateful birthday in her 40s when she was gifted a sightseeing flight that quite literally propelled her into the skies. From the second that engine roared to life, KK was smitten. She wasn’t just hooked—she was lassoed by the thrill […]

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Pilot in single seat attack jet (Harrier) with another Harrier on his right wing

Coming Down Like a Gun Safe with a Lot of Guns Episode 104

Disco joins us to share tales from his thrilling experiences—from his days at OCS to piloting the AV-8B Harrier during the Gulf War and teaching both students and instructors in the Harrier Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS). With his vivid storytelling, sharp wit, and infectious humor, Disco’s narratives will leave you clutching your sides in laughter. His legendary pranks, executed fearlessly on anyone, are just as memorable. If he hadn’t succeeded […]

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What's Your Call Sign? Book Cover

What’s Your Call Sign? Episode 103

Note: Don’t miss out on even more laughs! Head over to https://sothereiwas.us/patreon to join and hear two additional hilarious call sign stories not included here! In this wild episode of our podcast, we dive into the wild and whimsical world of naval aviation call signs with Lobo, the famed author of “What’s Your Call Sign?: The Hilarious Stories behind a Naval Aviation Tradition” Prepare to chuckle, gasp and sometimes howl […]

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