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Blancolirio Episode 67

Tune in to this week’s episode of “So There I Was” as we navigate the skies with Juan Browne, the mastermind of the Blancolirio Channel on YouTube! Ever marveled at his gift for demystifying intricate topics? Curious about the origins of his channel’s name? Dive into Juan’s riveting tales, including the heart-stopping moment he found himself in an inverted flat spin, with no prior training on how to escape! From […]

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Full Throttle Book Cover

Full Throttle Episode 66

Intake brings listeners on a thrilling journey through his life. From his time as a squadron commander and Blue Angel solo pilot, to his daring work as a Hollywood stunt pilot for the movie Top Gun Maverick, Intake’s experiences in the cockpit are nothing short of breathtaking. His tales of close calls, shenanigans, and the intense teamwork required to fly the F-18 paint a vivid picture of life in the […]

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F/A-18 D in IRaq 1991

You Tight Like Onion Episode 65

Onion shares gripping stories from his time as a Marine Fighter / Attack Pilot. He recounts a situation in Iraq where he witnessed the resourcefulness of Marines who called for an air strike in a very unconventional manner when they were surrounded by Iraqi tanks. Onion’s most coincidental story involves helping Vapor (episode 62) who ejected from a Harrier without hydraulics and wound up navigating a minefield to reach friendly […]

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Marines of the 13th MEU

Get the Money First Episode 63

Lawman returns with an action-packed show. Get ready for intriguing stories, heartfelt tributes, and unforgettable moments. Lawman kicks off the show with a touching tribute to our friend and fellow pilot, Brian Shul, with reflections on their shared experiences. Then, he takes us on a crazy adventure with the 13th MEU, exploring vibrant cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Phuket. It wasn’t good. . . but we set a record […]

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Vapor in front of a Harrier loaded with Mk-20 "Rockeyes"

Stay In the Ejection Envelope Episode 62

This week Vapor Joins us to talk about his remarkable journey from flight school through his extraordinary career. From the Far East to Desert Storm and beyond, Vapor’s stories will keep you hooked, blending humor, tragedy, and spine-chilling moments. Prepare to be transported as Vapor recounts his unbelievable experience; of ejecting from a crippled jet over enemy territory; catapulted back in time from 20th century attack pilot to 1st century […]

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Doober's Family's H-34

Don’t Ever Do That Again Episode 61

Welcome to episode 61 of “So There I Was”! Get ready to be captivated by an extraordinary tale that starts with a group of Vietnam buddies, hunting pheasants and sharing stories on a family farm. Little did they know, these gatherings would ignite a passion in a young boy, propelling him to become a Marine helicopter pilot. But here’s the twist – Doober already had a staggering 1000 hours of […]

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Moose flying the F-8 Crusader

White Horse Scotch & Vinegar Episode 60

Lieutenant Colonel “Moose” Lutes, a Marine Helicopter, Fighter and Attack pilot with an incredible career spanning over 20 years joins the Fig & RePete to tell about his career spanning from the 50s through the mid 70s. Moose’s journey began with an airplane ride to Memphis. He decided to take the Navy up on an offer of a plane ride because he thought he “probably wouldn’t ever get to fly […]

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H-65 Blackhawk MedEvac Helicopter

I’ll Get an A for Effort Episode 59

Join hosts Fig and RePete for a fantastic interview with Blackhawk pilot, KO, as he takes us on a thrilling ride through his remarkable military career. From his enlistment in the Marine Corps to his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army H-65 Blackhawk pilot, KO shares challenges and moments of camaraderie, and resilience throughout his service. With heart-pumping stories of intense and dangerous situations, emotional aspects of serving […]

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Kemo on a mission.

The Hammer of God Episode 58

In this interview with Navy Fighter pilot and Top Gun Instructor, Kemo, listeners are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Kemos energy is contagious as he shares his experiences of flying and training with the best of the best. He opens with this weeks ‘title story,’ a 1v1 Top Gun fight he won in spite of being in an inferior aircraft.  Sadly, the theme of killing livestock continues this […]

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