Doober's Family's H-34

Don’t Ever Do That Again Episode 61

Welcome to episode 61 of “So There I Was”! Get ready to be captivated by an extraordinary tale that starts with a group of Vietnam buddies, hunting pheasants and sharing stories on a family farm. Little did they know, these gatherings would ignite a passion in a young boy, propelling him to become a Marine helicopter pilot. But here’s the twist – Doober already had a staggering 1000 hours of […]

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Moose flying the F-8 Crusader

White Horse Scotch & Vinegar Episode 60

Lieutenant Colonel “Moose” Lutes, a Marine Helicopter, Fighter and Attack pilot with an incredible career spanning over 20 years joins the Fig & RePete to tell about his career spanning from the 50s through the mid 70s. Moose’s journey began with an airplane ride to Memphis. He decided to take the Navy up on an offer of a plane ride because he thought he “probably wouldn’t ever get to fly […]

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H-65 Blackhawk MedEvac Helicopter

I’ll Get an A for Effort Episode 59

Join hosts Fig and RePete for a fantastic interview with Blackhawk pilot, KO, as he takes us on a thrilling ride through his remarkable military career. From his enlistment in the Marine Corps to his deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army H-65 Blackhawk pilot, KO shares challenges and moments of camaraderie, and resilience throughout his service. With heart-pumping stories of intense and dangerous situations, emotional aspects of serving […]

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Kemo on a mission.

The Hammer of God Episode 58

In this interview with Navy Fighter pilot and Top Gun Instructor, Kemo, listeners are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Kemos energy is contagious as he shares his experiences of flying and training with the best of the best. He opens with this weeks ‘title story,’ a 1v1 Top Gun fight he won in spite of being in an inferior aircraft.  Sadly, the theme of killing livestock continues this […]

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A Water Buffalo for Tam Ky

A Water Buffalo for Tam Ky Episode 57

In this episode, A Water Buffalo for Tam Ky, Gunny returns to share more incredible tales: Gunny recounts a humorous, yet impactful incident involving a screwed up lieutenant and the practical joke / unusual method used to teach him a lesson. Hear about “One Eye’s Last Mission,” a literal blind flight that testifies to incredible bravery in combat. This week’s title comes from the misadventures during an attempt to replace […]

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H-46 and Marines

Beware the Duck Episode 56

Gunny joins Fig and RePete for an extraordinary episode. An H-34 pilot and Vietnam veteran, Gunny comes out of the blocks at full throttle and doesn’t stop for the entire hour. Riveting stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. From intense combat moments to profound reflections, Gunny shares his firsthand experiences. From the very first tale of “That’s My $#(@*# Rockets You Moron!” and the hilarious “He […]

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Cover of Kam's Book "High Wire"

High Wire Episode 55

Imagine this: You’re faced with a heart-wrenching dilemma. Your employer threatens to fire you unless you compromise your own safety and fly without the essential oxygen you need and required by law… This harrowing predicament was a reality for this week’s guest when he was building flight time with the hopes of becoming an airline pilot some day. Retired AA Captain and Author of the Thriller “High Wire,” Kam Majd […]

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SR-71 On the Runway Ready for Takeoff

You Quit or You Move Forward Episode 54

Join us for an exciting episode of So There I Was, as we welcome Brian Shul, “Punchy,”: Fighter Pilot, “Sled Driver,” Author, and Photographer Extraordinaire to the show. He shares with us his incredible story of survival after being shot down in the jungles of Vietnam and how he went on to fly again, defying all odds. Punchy’s journey from the A-7 to the A-10 and then to the famed […]

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Cougar Lined up for Takeoff from the USS Roosevelt

Burial at Sea… Not So Fast! Episode 53

On this episode of So There I Was, Slaf joins Fig and RePete to share some incredible stories from his time as a Marine and Air Guard pilot. From holding a burial at sea for a missing pilot who later turned up, to flying the notoriously challenging Cougar, Slaf’s experiences will keep you on the edge of your seat. He also sheds light on why the F-84 Thunderstreak was nicknamed […]

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