Cover of Kam's Book "High Wire"

High Wire Episode 55

Imagine this: You’re faced with a heart-wrenching dilemma. Your employer threatens to fire you unless you compromise your own safety and fly without the essential oxygen you need and required by law… This harrowing predicament was a reality for this week’s guest when he was building flight time with the hopes of becoming an airline pilot some day. Retired AA Captain and Author of the Thriller “High Wire,” Kam Majd […]

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SR-71 On the Runway Ready for Takeoff

You Quit or You Move Forward Episode 54

Join us for an exciting episode of So There I Was, as we welcome Brian Shul, “Punchy,”: Fighter Pilot, “Sled Driver,” Author, and Photographer Extraordinaire to the show. He shares with us his incredible story of survival after being shot down in the jungles of Vietnam and how he went on to fly again, defying all odds. Punchy’s journey from the A-7 to the A-10 and then to the famed […]

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Cougar Lined up for Takeoff from the USS Roosevelt

Burial at Sea… Not So Fast! Episode 53

On this episode of So There I Was, Slaf joins Fig and RePete to share some incredible stories from his time as a Marine and Air Guard pilot. From holding a burial at sea for a missing pilot who later turned up, to flying the notoriously challenging Cougar, Slaf’s experiences will keep you on the edge of your seat. He also sheds light on why the F-84 Thunderstreak was nicknamed […]

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Slaf and a friend in flight suits standing in front of a red 1952 Buick convertible at NAS Pensacola

Fifty Thousand Feet & Nothing Running but My Watch Episode 52

This week enjoy a thrilling journey with Slaf (Sr.), NavCad, Marine Corps Aviator who flew the SNJ, T-28 Trojan, TV-2 (t-33) SeaStar, F9F2 Panther, F2H4 Banshee, F9F8 Cougar, F-84F Thunderstreak throughout his career. You may remember Slaf from episode 50 who talked about his father being a Marine aviator. Well, he graciously joins us this week and next. Slaf takes us through his training days, where he flew the SNJ […]

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What If It Was Me

What If It Was Me? Episode 51

Marine, Author, American Hero: LtCol. W.R. Spicer USMC (ret) joins Fig & RePete this week. We delve into the extraordinary life of this Marine who has written a memoir that is nothing short of amazing. In his five books, “Sea Stories of a US Marine,” Spicer shares his incredible journey, from the unlikely event that changed the course of his life to his meeting and interactions with President Kennedy. This […]

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SLAF sitting in the cockpit of a Harrier

Why’s There a Hot Air Balloon in the Traffic Pattern? Episode 50

Take to the skies with the adrenaline-pumping story of SLAF’s adventures flying the iconic Harrier jump jet. In this gripping show, SLAF shares his journey from aspiring pilot to Harrier Instructor and offers valuable advice on perseverance and overcoming obstacles. SLAF recounts for Fig & RePete some of the most heart-stopping moments of his career, including witnessing a fellow pilot eject from his Harrier not once but twice within 11 […]

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Nightmare Flies the Harrier

John Wayne in the Break, Woody Allen on the Ball Episode 49

Nightmare joins “co-horsts” Fig & RePete and reveals how he got his call sign in flight school. It stuck with him for the rest of his career; which is a good thing! Then he told us how and why he came to want to fly in the Marines and how he “impressed” his LSO when preparing for carrier qualification. Hence this week’s title! Nightmare talks about the challenges of teaching […]

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S-3 Cat Shot of the bow of an aircraft carrier

Cat Shots & Orgasms Episode 48

Buckle up and prepare for takeoff with Carrott, Fig, and RePete as they explore the incredible journey of Carrott becoming a Naval aviator. Carrott shares captivating stories of his time in flight school, instructing in the A-4 at NAS Meridian, and flying the S-3 Viking aboard the Nimitz. Hear how his flight jacket disappeared after a wild night of drinking with F-111 pilots; and yet kept popping back up over […]

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Private Harrier

Dude, I Have Your Harrier Episode 47

This is our second show with Kaos. Come along as he tells us about the challenges of owning a Harrier and performing with it in airshows. Spoiler alert: It’s a little more involved than flying to the venue and performing the demo! Up for some special bourbon? 700 Mile per Hour Bourbon raised a nice sum of money for charity, and there may be some left. You have to go […]

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Kaos in his own Harrier

Carefully Check the Fuel Cell with a Torch Episode 46

Kaos, the only person to ever own his own Harrier jump-jet joins your favorite “co-horsts” Fig and RePete to talk about his early days in the Marine Corps, Flying the AV-8A for the first time, test pilot school and flying on the Italian and Spanish carriers with the ski jump ramps. He also tells us about the time he dead-sticked a Harrier into Richmond, VA. (Hint – it can’t be […]

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