S-3 Cat Shot of the bow of an aircraft carrier

Cat Shots & Orgasms Episode 48

Buckle up and prepare for takeoff with Carrott, Fig, and RePete as they explore the incredible journey of Carrott becoming a Naval aviator. Carrott shares captivating stories of his time in flight school, instructing in the A-4 at NAS Meridian, and flying the S-3 Viking aboard the Nimitz. Hear how his flight jacket disappeared after a wild night of drinking with F-111 pilots; and yet kept popping back up over […]

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Private Harrier

Dude, I Have Your Harrier Episode 47

This is our second show with Kaos. Come along as he tells us about the challenges of owning a Harrier and performing with it in airshows. Spoiler alert: It’s a little more involved than flying to the venue and performing the demo! Up for some special bourbon? 700 Mile per Hour Bourbon raised a nice sum of money for charity, and there may be some left. You have to go […]

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Kaos in his own Harrier

Carefully Check the Fuel Cell with a Torch Episode 46

Kaos, the only person to ever own his own Harrier jump-jet joins your favorite “co-horsts” Fig and RePete to talk about his early days in the Marine Corps, Flying the AV-8A for the first time, test pilot school and flying on the Italian and Spanish carriers with the ski jump ramps. He also tells us about the time he dead-sticked a Harrier into Richmond, VA. (Hint – it can’t be […]

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Capt Royce Williams

4 MiG Kills, 1 Fight episode 45

Meet Capt Royce Williams, USN (Ret) – Hear how he went out as part of a four-ship and soon found himself alone, in a fur-ball with 6 Russian MiG-15s.  When the smoke cleared and the shooting was over, Capt Williams brought his crippled F9F Panther back aboard the USS Oriskany and was sworn to secrecy.  The ONLY American to ever shoot down 4 enemy aircraft in the same fight wouldn’t […]

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Hey, Helmand! Army helicopter pilot "CandyMan" extending his middle-finger-salute out the window of his Blackhawk at Helmund Province, Afghanistan

120Kts, 10′ Off the Ground & I was Bored Episode 44

Former Marine “Grunt” and current Army BlackHawk Pilot “CandyMan” takes us on a ride through the dust bowl that is Afghanistan. Hair-raising stories of taking fire, near mid-airs with other helicopters, and a C-17 are just a few of the adventures he talks about… But what scared him most? Dust landings. Find out why, and what he did about it. You won’t be disappointed. This is a fun ride. In […]

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Flight of 4 S-3 Vikings

The Honeytrap Mission Episode 43

Chaz comes back for another visit with us to tell more incredible stories of hijinks, excitement, fear, tragedy, terror and hilarity. He had an amazing career in the Navy and lived every minute to the fullest. Hear how letting a non-aviator fly caused them to lose contact with their formation. Learn the difference between Cherubs and Angels – and why not knowing can be deadly! Find out how drunken Russian […]

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Smytty and his Fellow Aviators

I Crashed Every Time Episode 42

Single Engine, Single Seat Attack Pilot, Smytty, joins the show thi week to talk about some of the hijinks that most Marine Attack pilots will relate to immediately. Smytty flew the T-28 Trojan, A-4M, OA-4M, AV-8A and AV-8B in VMA-211, 214, and 331. He tells of the wild times in West-Pac and the time in WTI when a classmate flew into the ground without ejecting and literally walked away from […]

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That’s NOT a Tanker! Episode 41

Bo joins Fig & RePete to talk about what it takes to be a “RIO” – Radar Intercept Officer – in the F-14 Tomcat. He talks about training to become a tactical jet crew and the process to get there. Bo tells of the time he spent on Wake Island after a particularly complex night emergency where the dominos kept falling and they were literally inches from disaster as their […]

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You Can’t Be Married Episode 40

Kemo joins Fig & RePete this week to tell how he decided to go into the Navy after finishing the first half of Marine Corps OCS because they offered him a seat in less than two months in flight school without needing a bachelor’s degree. That deal didn’t come without some, shall we say, “complications” though. It wasn’t until Kemo was already in the program that he realized how badly […]

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33 Powerful Stories and Leadership Lessons

Start With the End in Mind Episode 39

This is the second half of our show with Adm. Mike “Nasty” Manazir this week. We chat about his new book, Learn How to Lead to Win: 33 Powerful Stories and Leadership Lessons. Plain and simply put: This book should be mandatory reading for any prospective officer or executive. What’s more, it is a fun read that will give a leg up to anyone who wants to better connect with […]

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