Pulled the Handle! Just Not Very Hard Episode 110

Dan Commuting to Work in the Back of a HMMWV

In this episode, we delve into our experiences in the Marine Corps and aviation tales, prompted by guest Dan of the excellent Danger Close Podcast. Subscribe to that show here: Danger Close

Reflecting on how military service shaped us, we share stories of fallen comrades, challenges faced in emergencies, and the unique focus of the Danger Close podcast on war films. From Marine Corps values and leadership qualities to aviation missions and the intricacies of air traffic control, we explore the impact of perseverance, leadership, and the importance of staying calm under pressure in these roles. Discussing the attention to detail in war films, we analyze examples like “Saving Private Ryan,” balancing historical accuracy with entertainment value. Expressing gratitude for veterans and service members, we conclude with reflections on military portrayals in media and extend an invitation for further discussions on air traffic control and war films.

And for a bit of extra from Dan, look at SoThereIWas.us/Patreon to get exclusive extra content, like Dan telling about what happened in the Control Tower the day Asiana 214 Crashed in San Francisco in 2013.