Semper Fi, Do or Die! Episode 19

This show is a little different than our others in that it isn’t directly about aviation. But, it IS about a right of passage most Naval Aviators had to go through before being commissioned as officers and starting flight school We are joined by Marine Corps 1st Sgt Retired – “Gunny-Go” – A shortened version of his name. Many a Marine and Navy pilot in the 1980s were taught and […]

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Best Job in the Galaxy! Episode 18

This is the second half of our time with “Nasty;” the former Commanding Officer of VF-31, The USS Sacramento, The USS Nimitz and a Strike Group aboard the USS Eisenhower. He tells of the time he ejected from an F-14 over the shark-infested waters of the Pacific. He describes why “Nuke-School” is hard – and the benefits thereof. And he tells us what the “Best Job in the Galaxy, HANDS-DOWN” […]

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Bug Roach Award

Here’s to Bug Roach Episode 17

Here’s to Bug Roach! Cdr. Roach was a legendary LSO and mentor to our guest this week and next: Nasty. Hear why he was so legendary and the poignant event right before Nasty was presented the “Bug Roach Award” for the LSO of the year. Nasty is the LSO who waived Yogi & Master aboard the Lincoln that fateful day in the summer of ’91 when Yogi came as close […]

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True Lies Episode 16

Hear directly from two of the pilots who flew the Harriers you see in the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger / Jamie Lee Curtis hit movie True Lies. Director James Cameron had a clear idea of what he wanted. He took good care of our Marines who were there to support the filming and made sure they were treated well and had time with their families over the holidays. Buggs and Moto […]

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Sir, Don’t Eat the Donuts Episode 15

Shiny joins us to tell how there wasn’t a Lieutenant’s Protective Association, but rather a Lieutenant’s Revolutionary Front that took action to get even with the senior officers in the squadron who were relentless in their hazing of all the new lieutenants. He also recounts their time in Saudi Arabia and flying combat sorties in Gulf War I; getting sent to the training command because he was married to the […]

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Happy Birthday, Yogi! Episode 14

Yogi and Master join us this week to tell their first-hand account of one of the most terrifying landings on an aircraft carrier in Naval Aviation history. Period. What started as a routine mission on Yogi’s birthday was supposed to end with Yogi becoming a “Centurion” as he got his 100th “trap” aboard an aircraft carrier. Instead, it turned into one of the most harrowing recoveries EVER conducted aboard a […]

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It Was a Dark & Stormy Night Episode 13

This week we welcome F-14 Driver “Jake” who relates how he got to fly the Tomcat, losing a mutual friend, what the real Top Gun school is about, what it feels like to be alone at night in 60ยบ water and 6 foot seas in a one man survival raft, and watching a rescue helicopter stop, look, and fly away. Jake relays more of Fig’s adventures and why he was […]

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On a Mission from God

We Were on a Mission from God Episode 11

Sheriff joins Fig and Repete to tell how his interest in aviation was initially sparked. Then he relays how it evolved from some wild adventures in light civil aircraft to his pursuit and success in becoming a Naval Flight Officer flying in military tactical jets. There is one specific story in light civil planes that was described then and now as: ‘We were on a mission from God!’ Sheriff recounts […]

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Fig-Dogs – Now Being Served Episode 10

Fig and Repete recount their time in VMA-223 with Colonel Mitch Triplett. Col. Triplett passed away this week and the show is dedicated to him. The consummate Marine, Aviator, Leader; “Trip” will be missed by all and remembered fondly. Some funny ATC interactions are recounted and then we lead into the prior-teased tale of the “Fig-Dog”. Not for the feint of heart, this really happened… and how it didn’t turn […]

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