Chucker in his Chopper!

Don’t Worry, It’s Insured Episode 83

In the dance of skies, Chucker’s tale unfolds,Through starts and stops, his dream he holds.Years, like clouds, drifted in his way,Yet he seized his wings, come what may. Rating earned, he soared anew,To rotary wings, his path he drew.From flight, a story, a laugh, a thrill,to a moonshine raid to find a still. In an ugly plane, he danced on air,And a surprise solo, with flair to spare.To a friend, […]

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Lawman - Blue Angel 2

NEVER Talk to the Boss Again Episode 27

Our third show with Lawman is a fun one. He opens the show describing how embarrassed he felt living the good life in Qatar while getting combat pay – though he did have to go to Afghanistan to prevent the outbreak of violence between the Marines and the Air Force! Then we back into how he was serving as the Full-Time Support (FTS) Officer for the Marine Reserve squadron in […]

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