Don’t Worry, It’s Insured Episode 83

Chucker in his Chopper!

In the dance of skies, Chucker’s tale unfolds,
Through starts and stops, his dream he holds.
Years, like clouds, drifted in his way,
Yet he seized his wings, come what may.

Rating earned, he soared anew,
To rotary wings, his path he drew.
From flight, a story, a laugh, a thrill,
to a moonshine raid to find a still.

In an ugly plane, he danced on air,
And a surprise solo, with flair to spare.
To a friend, a callsign, a jest so bright,
It’s Make-a-wish, but he’s alright.

Don’t miss the tales, in laughter dressed,
In Chucker’s journey, we’re truly blessed.