So there I was… Callsigns and Other $#¡+ – Episode 1

So there I was… It’s how every great aviation tale begins. Join Fig and Repete – two former Harrier pilots as they kick off the show that will tell funny, harrowing, tragic and incredible stories in aviation. This first episode is more of a ‘get to know us’ show and was done to iron out some kinks in the process of getting underway. It is posted in its entirety, warts and all. We talk about how we met; some great and not-so-great callsigns (this topic went south fast!), the upcoming release of Top Gun Maverick and how we’re privileged to be aviators who have been blessed to be flying this long. Future shows will include professional aviators who have seen and done amazing things. Welcome aboard. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

7 thoughts on “So there I was… Callsigns and Other $#¡+ – Episode 1

  1. Now, wait! I just watched the current Mac Geek Gab. Repete (PilotPete) can’t be over 40. If you guys met 37 years ago, that means he was flying Harriers at three years old.

    As a 75-year-old “retired” private pilot (I had to give up my Cessna 172, which served me faithfully for 1,400 hours in flights to all corners of the continental US and a bit of Canada), I’m going to enjoy this podcast. You might expand beyond commercial and military aviation and see if you can dig up a few general aviation pilots who have some stories to tell.

    Good luck, and fly it until the last piece stops moving.

    Tony in Thailand

    1. Very good point, Tony! (Tony in Thailand – I see a callsign there – TiT) Some of the funnier things I’ve seen and done are in light civils. We’ll make it so. Welcome – and thank you for listening. Episode two is recorded and in post production and should drop this week. Please share with your friends who may be interested!

  2. TiT might be good in the military, but a bit politically incorrect for us civilians! My C-172 was N5392T. My flying buddy always referred to me as Niner-Two-Tony on the radio. Maybe too long for a callsign.

    Looking forward to the next show.

    1. Greetings. We are glad you’re here and listening. We hope you’re enjoying the show.

      Because our employers didn’t sign up to be part of the show we are careful not to include them publicly. I can confirm however that neither of us are SWA nore have we ever been.

    1. Absolutely. From the home screen on overcast touch the + symbol in the upper right. On the next page that comes up touch “Add URL.” Next, “Podcast URL” will appear with a window below it. In that window, type “” (without the quotes) and it should subscribe. THANK YOU for subscribing and listening!

      We hope that Apple will approve us soon. Once that happens you’ll be able to simply search for so there I was and it should work.

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