It’s a Lot Like Yesterday Episode 108

News 12 Meteorologist Bill Korbel

Join us on this week’s episode where we sit down with Bill “The Weatherguy” Korbell, a man who’s forecasted everything from monsoons in Thailand to the less-than-perfect day for a presidential flight. Starting off his career in the sweltering heat of 1960s Thailand with the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, Bill was the go-to meteorologist briefing for Operation Bolo, which aimed to outsmart the nimble NV MiG 21s that were giving our bombers a hard time.

But as winds do, they shifted unexpectedly, and a last-minute change in orders rerouted Bill’s life straight to Washington D.C. There, among his high-flying duties, he briefed missions for none other than Air Force One.

Ever wondered how a small slip-up in weather forecasting could lead to an unforgettable podcast title? You’ll chuckle as Bill explains the mishap that inspired this week’s episode title: “It’s a Lot Like Yesterday.”

Post-Air Force, Bill didn’t just hang up his barometer. No, he soared into the world of radio and TV, where he managed to snag a ride in the Goodyear Blimp, Air Force One and flew with the Blue Angels—talk about a career high!

Now, grab your aviator glasses and tune in. Bill’s about to share some sky-high tales and invaluable insights on aviation weather that might just save your next flight from being a washout. Buckle up—it’s going to be a thrilling ride with Bill, where every cloud has a silver lining!

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