Learn How to Lead to Win Episode 38

33 Powerful Stories and Leadership Lessons

In this first of two shows this week, we welcome back Adm. Mike Manazir “Nasty” to talk about his new book, Learn How to Lead to Win – 33 Powerful Stories and Leadership Lessons. You may recall two shows with him before – Here’s to Bug Roach Episode 17, and Best Job in the Galaxy Episode 18.

In this and tomorrow’s episode you will gain insight into the reason this man became a Fighter Squadron Commander, Executive Officer of a Large Deck Nuclear Carrier, Commanding Officer of the supply ship Sacramento and the USS Nimitz, and the Strike Group Commander as an Admiral aboard the USS Carl Vinson.

Listening to Nasty his genuine passion for the Sailors and Marines he led comes through loud and clear. His ability to connect with people and lead by example is only part of it. Throughout his book, it becomes clear that his approach to leadership was one of sacrifice and service rather than power and authority.

If you were the most junior Sailor in his command and he knew your name, it was NOT because you were in trouble; it was because he wanted to know more about you. He wanted to know your story and your challenges and strengths. By caring enough to know every member of his command Nasty elicited in people a genuine desire to perform their best and everyone reaped the benefits of a strong and battle-ready unit.

Laugh with us at the successes and failures that helped mold a world-class leader. This book should be mandatory reading for anyone who has others looking to them for answers. If only we’d known what is shared here; how much easier would all of our careers have been?

3 thoughts on “Learn How to Lead to Win Episode 38

  1. I was so glad you had Nasty back on. I’ve listened to every one of the episodes almost as soon as they come out. Of all the episodes, I have only one starred – “The Best Job in the Galaxy.” It’s for a quote from Nasty: “I would always say to them, look, there’s only two things that a leader should do: give guidance and remove barriers. I’m going to give you guidance a whole bunch, you know, and I’ll get barriers out of your way when you can’t execute my guidance. But I’m delegating the task to you, and I trust you to get it done. I just want to help you, so you just tell me when you need my help, but other than that, go do your job.”

    Imagine my surprise when I’m waiting in BKK, waiting to fly back to KKC, and Nasty’s on again with a book of a bunch of his leadership stories. I immediately went on Amazon and ordered it to be sent to my son in Oregon. I’ll be there later this month, so I’ll look forward to getting it.

    Repete, you had an idea about having Nasty’s wife (forgive me for forgetting her name) on to talk about the trials and tribulations of being the wife of a career military man. I think that’s a great idea, but how about one step further? Get about three wives together and tell them, “Ladies, the show is yours for 1 hour, 2 hours, whatever you want to take.” Maybe have Nasty’s wife as the MC and just let them talk about their experiences and their solutions to the problems that inevitably arise.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll be listening until I make my last flight or you get tired of doing this (which I doubt is going to happen…you guys are having way too much fun).

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