You Can’t Be Married Episode 40

Kemo joins Fig & RePete this week to tell how he decided to go into the Navy after finishing the first half of Marine Corps OCS because they offered him a seat in less than two months in flight school without needing a bachelor’s degree. That deal didn’t come without some, shall we say, “complications” though. It wasn’t until Kemo was already in the program that he realized how badly things could go if he didn’t succeed: Motivation!

Additionally, restrictions on his personal life added even more complications to the mix, but Kemo was not deterred. In fact he went on to fly the Tomcat in the same squadron as our previous guest, Nasty.

While that is a story in and of itself, Kemo performed well; so well in fact, he went on to become a Top Gun Adversary Pilot and Instructor. This put him in the cockpit for most of his career flying the F-5, F-16, and A-4 among other cool jets. Come give Kemo a listen and learn how he almost ruined his own day in the middle of a ‘roller’ fight!