I Went SERE School on Him Episode 78

SeaBass in the Middle East

This week’s riveting episode of “So There I Was” podcast, is Episode 78, featuring the incredible “SeaBass.” Originally turning away from the Marine Corps, SeaBass shockingly ended up retiring as a Marine LtCol with 22 years under his belt, but it wasn’t handed to him… in fact once you hear how he got in the Marine Corps, you’ll be as surprised as we were that he did get in; a life lesson in “Never take ‘No’ for an answer!”

He regales listeners with hair-raising tales: imagine approaching a boat without any visibility or experiencing the sheer panic of losing control of a Harrier’s engine at night. And then there’s the heart-stopping moment of “Going in for Guns” on a hornet – an event that thankfully didn’t have a tragic ending, but easily could have! Dive deep into this adrenaline-pumping journey and don’t forget to share it with fellow thrill-seekers! Don’t sit on the ejection handle!