Fins on Pigs Episode 94

UH-1N In Antarctica

In this riotous saga, a quartet of RePete, Fig, Sticks, and the impossibly chill pilot Ice (who’s cooler than a yeti’s icebox) – embark on a whirlwind of sky-high shenanigans. Ice, a maestro of the skies, has tamed both SH-60 helicopters and UH-1s in realms chillier than a snowman’s handshake—yep, Antarctica. He unveils tales of aerial school antics, including how to auto-rotate and that jaw-dropping moment when SH-60 float bags decided to throw a surprise party mid-air. Ice’s adventures span the globe, from a raucous initiation in Rota, Spain, that likely bent a few international rules, to onboard frolics that make pirate life seem downright orderly. Ever heard of the Great Potato Count during the Gulf War? That’s Ice’s unique take on military strategy. He reveals some of the hilariously bizarre tradition of pilot call signs and pranks that would give sitcom writers a run for their money, alongside stunts that laugh in the face of physics. Venturing into Antarctica wasn’t just flying; it was a blend of sorcery and survival, especially mastering the “Happy Camper School,” which was anything but a walk in the park. And for what was almost the grand “finale,” Ice shares how he once tamed a helicopter with no tail rotor authority, and describes the Antarctic version of slinging ‘livestock’ – hence “Fins on Pigs.” Buckle up for a hilariously turbulent journey that showcases the uproarious, untold tales of aviation bravado in the wintry wilds.

As for, it’s a beacon of zen for veterans, turning downward dogs into upward spirits with yoga mats as magic carpets. Who knew bending could be so mending?