MG NW SAK Episode 100

Woody - Aircraft Commander C-130

Welcome to So There I Was episode 100!!! This week’s title is short for, My Girlfriend, Now Wife, She’s a Keeper is a testament to persistence, love, and the unexpected journeys life can throw our way. In this episode, we delve into the remarkable story of Woody, who began his career in the skies as a load master. With every cargo secured and every flight a new lesson, his dreams of becoming a pilot seemed a distant star in the vast aviation universe.

Yet, despite numerous obstacles that threatened to ground his aspirations permanently, his unyielding persistence proved to be his greatest ally. Through the highs and lows, one constant remained: his then-girlfriend, now his wife, whose unwavering support and belief in him never faltered. Join us as we explore how his perseverance transformed potential setbacks into stepping stones towards achieving his dreams, proving that sometimes, the most challenging paths lead to the most rewarding destinations.