Halfway Around the World in 40 Days Episode 105

Halfway Around the World in 40 Days!

This week’s guest, KK, hails from East Germany—back when the Berlin Wall was more than just a memory. Believe it or not, flying was nowhere on her radar until one fateful birthday in her 40s when she was gifted a sightseeing flight that quite literally propelled her into the skies. From the second that engine roared to life, KK was smitten. She wasn’t just hooked—she was lassoed by the thrill of flight! Her newfound passion took flight, launching her through a whirlwind of background checks, mastering English, countless flight lessons, and even purchasing her very own aircraft. But why stop at just the sky? Dismissing the Atlantic as a mere puddle, KK embarked on a meticulous 20-month plan that led to a life-altering journey across the globe, which she brilliantly chronicles in her book: Halfway Around the World in 40 Days.

Buckle up and tune in as we dive into KK’s exhilarating tale. And don’t forget to grab her book—it’s your ticket to experiencing an adventure that 99.9% of humanity will only dream about!

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