Flying the “B-one” Episode 106

U-2 Shadow on Spy Balloon

This week buckle up with Grease as he takes us on a high-flying journey through his storied aviation career. From zipping across skies in sleek Saber-Liners and Lear Jets to commanding the formidable B-1 Bomber and the elusive U-2, Grease has done it all.

He dives into the thrilling early days of the B-1 and reveals the sky-high challenges of piloting the U-2—like pre-breathing oxygen just to sidestep the bends and enduring nine-hour flights in a cockpit so tight, scratching your nose becomes a daydream.

With over 5000 flight hours and a staff tour under his belt, Grease’s tales are nothing short of aerial adventures. Fasten your seatbelts—it’s going to be an exhilarating ride!