True Lies Episode 16

Hear directly from two of the pilots who flew the Harriers you see in the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger / Jamie Lee Curtis hit movie True Lies. Director James Cameron had a clear idea of what he wanted. He took good care of our Marines who were there to support the filming and made sure they were treated well and had time with their families over the holidays.

Buggs and Moto join us to talk about their path into tactical aviation. They relate how they became Marine pilots and their experiences on deployments around the world.

See below for photos from the set and for the ‘player’ to listen here on the website.

Jamie Lee Curtis & Buggs
Arnold & MOTO
Harry Tasker about to borrow a Harrier
“Helen Tasker” on the march!
Is it real or a model? Look under the last photo for the answer… Photo #5
Buggs enjoying craft services!
Harrier on the pad
Tom Arnold & Arnold Sharzenegger
Marines on the boat with Jamie Lee Curtiss – watching them film the bridge ‘chase’ scene.
Moto on the boat
Jamie Lee Curtiss, unidentified Marine, MOTO and Buggs on the boat.
“borrowed” Harrier about to do a steep climb-away takeoff.
Buggs & Asia Landing on the set.
In the parking lot…
The ‘model’ on the rack. This is the “jet” in photo 5. Notice there’s no engine in these.