The Eagle Was Grounded Episode 20

Another first for the show! This week “Father” joins Fig and Repete in the first Air Force pilot interview on So There I Was. Father flew the F-15 Eagle acquiring 3800+ hours and was the Squadron Commander in St. Louis, MO when he finished his career.

Father had the misfortune of being the witness to an accident so mystifying at the time the Air Force Grounded the entire fleet of Eagles world-wide. The good news is that Father’s wingman survived and went on to fly for a major US airline. Fortunately Father’s description of what happened helped expedite investigators’ ability to piece together what really happened.

You can see a video re-creation of the mishap here on Even the recreation doesn’t do justice to how improbable and wild this mishap was.

This is our longest show yet, but we think you’ll be entertained throughout. We were!