Semper Fi, Do or Die! Episode 19


This show is a little different than our others in that it isn’t directly about aviation. But, it IS about a right of passage most Naval Aviators had to go through before being commissioned as officers and starting flight school

We are joined by Marine Corps 1st Sgt Retired – “Gunny-Go” – A shortened version of his name. Many a Marine and Navy pilot in the 1980s were taught and guided by “Gunny-Go” and some still likely hear his voice in their nightmares today. If you recognize him and want to reach out to him he would love to hear from you.

Gunny-Go spent eight years on the drill field. He is a wealth of experience and has been a positive influence on thousands of Marines and Sailors. Thank you for your service, “Gunny-Go.”

Semper Fi. Do or Die!