Don’t Do Anything Stupid Episode 31

Twin Towers CG

Our second hour with Coast Guard H-65 Pilot “Sticks” begins with a funny story about a wildly specific “target” for their Search & Rescue “SAR” mission. The things get real as he talks about 9-11 and how things went for them that week.  

What we (and most people) would consider wildly dangerous is just another Wednesday afternoon for your Coast Guard aviators. They do things every day as a matter of course that most of us would take a hard-pass on every time. Thank God for their skill and courage.

Sticks describes how they almost went in the water at night – and it was so bad that the captain of the boat they were getting ready to rescue someone from called and asked if they were OK. It sounds like it was an impressive airshow!

Sticks talks CRM (Crew Resource Management) and we get to hear some actual communications between him and his rescue swimmer and flight mechanic. Then we close out talking about a very unusual water-craft while they were assisting with Security for the Miss America Pageant.

Big kudos and gratitude to Sticks for joining us and providing the art work on our web site. Thanks to Dave Hamilton at MacGeekGab for tech support and to Dos Gringos for the music. Thanks also to RobinsBirdBrainDesigns – our sponsor. Check Six!