I Shoulda Been Thrown In Jail 35 Years Ago Episode 4

Harrier over Wake Island

Sinbad joins hosts Fig & Repete to recount flying low and fast; terrorizing livestock and breaking glass. But it was a good enough show to get him a ‘free pass’ from the local highway patrol 35 years later! Going ‘green’ on a maintenance check flight gets a new meaning!

One thought on “I Shoulda Been Thrown In Jail 35 Years Ago Episode 4

  1. This reminds me of my uncle Jim. He was Air Force, and the time is mid 60s. Picture this, Solon Iowa (town of about 700 to the east), Lake McBride (better part of 5 miles long west of Solon), small housing development on the west end of the lake, and our house on a hill overlooking the lake.

    Uncle Jim buzzed low over Solon (a lot of his relatives live there), so low over Lake McBride that we are looking down at the top of his plane, and pulls up over our house with room to spare between his plane and our chimney. We’re all out in the yard waving towels at him. Don’t remember if there was a roll at the end of the run.

    I don’t think any cows were agitated in this example of the hi jinks you were describing in the episode.

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