Harrier: 1 – Nine-Point Buck: Zero Episode 5

9-Point buck Luke hit in 1992

Luke Joins hosts Fig & Repete to talk about his journey from the midwest to the Naval Academy. He tells how he became a Marine heavy helicopter pilot and Harrier pilot. He recounts a couple of brushes with disaster and how he avoided jumping out of a Harrier right before leaving active duty. There is a saying in aviation: It’s better to be lucky than good. But when your luck runs out, you’d better be good! Luke was both!

One thought on “Harrier: 1 – Nine-Point Buck: Zero Episode 5

  1. First of all, I’m surprised nobody mentioned the old adage, “Helicopters don’t fly, they beat the air into submission.”

    Second, your discussion of the FCLPs reminded me of when I used to work on Whidbey Island. I worked for the telephone company that had most of the island, so we made the trek up and down the main highway. I used to love parking at the end of NAS Whidbey and watching the A-6s do their stuff. Even better was watching them do T&Gs down at Coupeville NOLF. Great stuff. I loved those noisy old planes. To me, second only to the A-10 (sorry Harrier guys).

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