4 MiG Kills, 1 Fight episode 45

Capt Royce Williams

Meet Capt Royce Williams, USN (Ret) – Hear how he went out as part of a four-ship and soon found himself alone, in a fur-ball with 6 Russian MiG-15s. 

When the smoke cleared and the shooting was over, Capt Williams brought his crippled F9F Panther back aboard the USS Oriskany and was sworn to secrecy. 

The ONLY American to ever shoot down 4 enemy aircraft in the same fight wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about it for more than 50 years! The fight was classified Top Secret to keep it quiet that Russians were fighting against America in the Korean War. 

When the Soviet Union broke up in 1992 documents revealed the truth behind the fight, including the names of the Russians he downed that fateful day in November of 1952. Royce Williams was awarded the Navy Cross on Jan 20, 2023 for his heroism that day. 

Please write your senator and ask them to pass the resolution calling for the Medal of Honor for this American Hero.