Carefully Check the Fuel Cell with a Torch Episode 46

Kaos in his own Harrier

Kaos, the only person to ever own his own Harrier jump-jet joins your favorite “co-horsts” Fig and RePete to talk about his early days in the Marine Corps, Flying the AV-8A for the first time, test pilot school and flying on the Italian and Spanish carriers with the ski jump ramps.

He also tells us about the time he dead-sticked a Harrier into Richmond, VA. (Hint – it can’t be done) and receiving an air medal for the save. As he tells it, there was some debate over whether an air medal or a court-martial was more appropriate!

For those who aren’t familiar, he is the only civilian to own and fly a Harrier! Strap in and listen fast. Kaos doesn’t let you catch your breath!

We close out with a brief dedication to our squadron-mate Bo Paschal, who unexpectedly passed last Friday. Prayers for his bride, Joan and his entire family.