Cat Shots & Orgasms Episode 48

S-3 Cat Shot of the bow of an aircraft carrier

Buckle up and prepare for takeoff with Carrott, Fig, and RePete as they explore the incredible journey of Carrott becoming a Naval aviator. Carrott shares captivating stories of his time in flight school, instructing in the A-4 at NAS Meridian, and flying the S-3 Viking aboard the Nimitz. Hear how his flight jacket disappeared after a wild night of drinking with F-111 pilots; and yet kept popping back up over the next 35 years. Experience the heart-pumping moments of the first cruise that lost several airplanes but miraculously no lives.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Carrott shares how members of the Israeli Cabinet were nearly bombed during their port visit to Haifa and how he dealt with fires on airliners during his civilian flying career. You won’t want to miss the hysterical tale of Carrott’s full bladder on a mission to locate a lost Russian TU-95 Bear. Brace yourself for an exhilarating episode filled with adventure and unforgettable moments. Tune in now and get ready to soar!