Dude, I Have Your Harrier Episode 47

Private Harrier

This is our second show with Kaos. Come along as he tells us about the challenges of owning a Harrier and performing with it in airshows. Spoiler alert: It’s a little more involved than flying to the venue and performing the demo!

Up for some special bourbon? 700 Mile per Hour Bourbon raised a nice sum of money for charity, and there may be some left. You have to go get it yourself because it isn’t available outside of Maryland.

Having held the record for the world’s smallest rideable bicycle, Kaos took up the challenge to do the same thing with the world’s smallest jet… and boy; he isn’t kidding. The diminutive profile allows them to do some very unique things with the aircraft that can’t be done efficiently anywhere else.

He talks about one instance when the engine quit, and the pilot was forced to land ‘gear-up.’ Oddly enough, it was a very simple fix! The BD-5 jets are unique and are helping to make an interesting path forward for Nalls Aviation.