You Quit or You Move Forward Episode 54

SR-71 On the Runway Ready for Takeoff

Join us for an exciting episode of So There I Was, as we welcome Brian Shul, “Punchy,”: Fighter Pilot, “Sled Driver,” Author, and Photographer Extraordinaire to the show. He shares with us his incredible story of survival after being shot down in the jungles of Vietnam and how he went on to fly again, defying all odds.

Punchy’s journey from the A-7 to the A-10 and then to the famed SR-71 is nothing short of remarkable. Fortunately for us, he brought his camera along for the ride. Get ready to be amazed by the technical and physical beauty of the Blackbird, also known as the “Habu” or Pit-Viper.

But that’s not all. Punchy also talks about his books and how he makes wildlife and aviation accessible to all of us. Don’t miss out on this captivating episode that will leave you in awe of Punchy’s incredible life and achievements.

You can see some of his work on his Facebook page and buy his books at SledDriver.Com

Video of our recording session with Punchy.

Audio show below…

2 thoughts on “You Quit or You Move Forward Episode 54

  1. A great show! Brian was a very interesting guest and his determination and zeal for flying is infectious. Keep the stories coming. Cheers

  2. From Lois Hammond – Moderator of Brian Shul Photography on Facebook:

    WOW!!! I’m a big fan of the Sled Driver, Brian Shul; in fact I’m the #2 Admin on his Brian Shul Photography Facebook page and honored to be so. I’ve seen every interview and talk that I could find on YouTube, Vimeo and every other platform where he has spoken and in my opinion, your interview is the most interesting and compelling I’ve ever seen. Both you gentlemen look so genuinely interested in him and his story that I was leaning forward in my chair with you. You drew out some stories that I’ve never heard. If there is an “Oscar” for podcasts, you should submit this because this was the fastest hour+ I’ve ever seen and every minute, question, sounds of amazement, misty eyes and head shakes brought his story so to life. Congratulations for your interview skills. I hope all your audience runs out and buys copies of his first 2 books, Sled Driver and The Untouchables. You’ll never find a better book about a man in love with his plane. I’ve read every word in all 4 of his books and they are priceless. That’s what I’ll run to pick up if the house ever catches fire. Congrats again and thanks for this great record of his amazing life and your interviewer skills! I hope to see you all over at Brian Shul Photography (

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