High Wire Episode 55

Cover of Kam's Book "High Wire"

Imagine this: You’re faced with a heart-wrenching dilemma. Your employer threatens to fire you unless you compromise your own safety and fly without the essential oxygen you need and required by law… This harrowing predicament was a reality for this week’s guest when he was building flight time with the hopes of becoming an airline pilot some day.

Retired AA Captain and Author of the Thriller “High Wire,” Kam Majd takes us on an extraordinary journey through his life and career, revealing how he not only overcame this tense situation but also became a pilot in the first place. His odyssey spans across continents, from Iran to India, from the United Kingdom to the United States, and from flying small planes to commanding jumbo jets.

Prepare to be entertained as Kam shares some uproarious anecdotes from his flying career. Picture the scene as he ingeniously convinces a potential student to request a flight instructor with an unusual skill, cleverly positioning himself as the perfect fit for the job. He also recounts the comical tale of getting stuck in a Learjet cockpit, showcasing the unexpected challenges pilots can face. And who could resist the amusing stories of dealing with clueless passengers, reminding us that aviation is not just about soaring through the clouds but also navigating the quirks of human behavior.

Kam delves into his personal triumphs and challenges, including the surprising rejection he faced from American Airlines for a seemingly trivial reason, only to ultimately secure a coveted position with the prestigious airline. Unveiling the passion behind his pen, Kam discusses his book, High Wire, originally scheduled for release during the fateful week of 9/11. Discover the uncanny resemblance his novel bore to the tragic events, leading to its immediate removal from shelves. Listen as Kam reveals the inspiration behind his gripping work and provides an enticing glimpse into his upcoming thriller, Silent Voices.

This is an episode you simply cannot afford to miss. Join us as Kam Majd bares his soul, recounting a life teetering on the edge and the resilience that carried him through. Engage with his riveting stories, laugh along with his humor, and be captivated by his literary creations. So buckle up, for this episode will take you on a breathtaking journey through the skies, reminding us that sometimes the most incredible tales are forged in the crucible of adversity.

Video of our recording session with Kam.