A Water Buffalo for Tam Ky Episode 57

A Water Buffalo for Tam Ky

In this episode, A Water Buffalo for Tam Ky, Gunny returns to share more incredible tales: Gunny recounts a humorous, yet impactful incident involving a screwed up lieutenant and the practical joke / unusual method used to teach him a lesson. Hear about “One Eye’s Last Mission,” a literal blind flight that testifies to incredible bravery in combat.

This week’s title comes from the misadventures during an attempt to replace a water buffalo that was killed in a nearby village. Disaster was narrowly averted when a quick thinking Marine saved the day, but unfortunately, not the water buffalo. The unpredictable nature of a 1500 pound beast on board a helicopter, resulted in an important lesson about how to transport large animals! Hint – it isn’t inside the chopper!

Gunny also shares a chilling close call with a sabotaging grenade that was found in the nick of time and his chance encounter with John McCain, revealing a less-known side of the senator. Personal stories include his roommate’s captivity in the “Hanoi Hilton,” his decision to leave and ultimately return to Harvard, and the two distinctly different welcome-home encounters he received back in the USA.

We close out talking about a heartwarming tradition of a ‘Jarhead Breakfast’ at Lou’s Restaurant, Hanover, NH. A potent mix of courage, humor, and humanity, Gunny’s narratives capture the essence of a Marine’s life.

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Video of the recording session with “Gunny” available on our Rumble Channel