Beware the Duck Episode 56

H-46 and Marines

Gunny joins Fig and RePete for an extraordinary episode. An H-34 pilot and Vietnam veteran, Gunny comes out of the blocks at full throttle and doesn’t stop for the entire hour. Riveting stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. From intense combat moments to profound reflections, Gunny shares his firsthand experiences. From the very first tale of “That’s My $#(@*# Rockets You Moron!” and the hilarious “He Wears His Wings Deep Inside” – Well, let’s just say you probably shouldn’t be driving while you listen to this without being prepared to pull over and catch your breath. Captivating anecdotes on engine failure, overloaded helicopters, and even a crazy encounter with communist monkeys. On Gunny’s last day in Vietnam he had two forced landings… and was willing to ride in a truck vice be flown out – find out why! Don’t miss this one! “Beware the Duck,” is a rollercoaster of remarkable stories from this remarkable veteran.

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Video of the recording session with “Gunny” available on our Rumble Channel