White Horse Scotch & Vinegar Episode 60

Moose flying the F-8 Crusader

Lieutenant Colonel “Moose” Lutes, a Marine Helicopter, Fighter and Attack pilot with an incredible career spanning over 20 years joins the Fig & RePete to tell about his career spanning from the 50s through the mid 70s. Moose’s journey began with an airplane ride to Memphis. He decided to take the Navy up on an offer of a plane ride because he thought he “probably wouldn’t ever get to fly again.” Little did he know, this would be the start of an amazing adventure that would take him to the Philippines, Japan, Hawaii, Vietnam, North Carolina, and even a daring rescue of stranded climbers on Mount Whitney. Moose’s incredible career is highlighted by his bravery and skill as a pilot, earning him a Distinguished Flying Cross and 28 Air Medals. He is a true legend in the aviation community, and we are honored to have him share his experiences with us. Don’t miss this unforgettable episode as we hear firsthand from Moose about his incredible adventures and the lessons he’s learned along the way!

Video of our raw recording session.

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