Get the Money First Episode 63

Marines of the 13th MEU

Lawman returns with an action-packed show. Get ready for intriguing stories, heartfelt tributes, and unforgettable moments. Lawman kicks off the show with a touching tribute to our friend and fellow pilot, Brian Shul, with reflections on their shared experiences. Then, he takes us on a crazy adventure with the 13th MEU, exploring vibrant cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Phuket. It wasn’t good. . . but we set a record for about six potential show titles in under two minutes! Then, Lawman humorously ponders the whereabouts of his comrades on HMS Invincible; needless to say, hungover and naked is no way to brief a flgiht. The episode takes unexpected turns with stories from Phuket, Mexico, and Lawman’s days as an Arizona State Trooper. From “Pimping Thai Whores” to “The Two Pretzels,” Lawman’s tales will keep you hooked and howling! Don’t miss this thrilling and entertaining show.