You Tight Like Onion Episode 65

F/A-18 D in IRaq 1991

Onion shares gripping stories from his time as a Marine Fighter / Attack Pilot. He recounts a situation in Iraq where he witnessed the resourcefulness of Marines who called for an air strike in a very unconventional manner when they were surrounded by Iraqi tanks. Onion’s most coincidental story involves helping Vapor (episode 62) who ejected from a Harrier without hydraulics and wound up navigating a minefield to reach friendly territory. He then completes the story that opens the show where he describes what is essentially, “waiting to die” in an inverted pull out close to the ground – bottoming out below 200 feet.

The episode delves into the tight-knit Marine Corps aviation community and Onion’s experiences during the Gulf War. He recalls flying night missions, learning how to use the F/A-18 D night attack to its fullest and facing intense AAA fire while marking targets. Onion reflects on the challenges of aging and how his sons remind him of his declining abilities. He expresses gratitude towards influential figures in his life. The episode concludes with lighthearted reflection on Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and appreciation for guest Onion’s service.

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