Full Throttle Episode 66

Full Throttle Book Cover

Intake brings listeners on a thrilling journey through his life. From his time as a squadron commander and Blue Angel solo pilot, to his daring work as a Hollywood stunt pilot for the movie Top Gun Maverick, Intake’s experiences in the cockpit are nothing short of breathtaking. His tales of close calls, shenanigans, and the intense teamwork required to fly the F-18 paint a vivid picture of life in the sky.

Beyond his aerial accomplishments, Intake’s dedication to helping others shines through as he discusses his involvement with the Blue Angels Foundation. A passionate advocate for veterans, he emphasizes the importance of continuity of care and support in various areas, particularly during the often challenging transition to civilian life. In his inspiring book, “Full Throttle, from the Blue Angels to Hollywood Stunt Pilot” Intake shares personal stories and insights aimed at raising awareness about mental health and supporting the cause he holds dear. His sense of humor, wisdom, and commitment to service make this episode an engaging and inspiring listen.

To get your copy of Full Throttle autographed by Intake, please send it to this address:

Cdr Scott Kartvedt USN (ret)

26 Berthe Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80906