4-Wheelin’ & Fires & Snakes, Oh My! Episode 7

This is the second half of our interview with Chaz – Navy S-3 Pilot and now Retired from the majors. Chaz has had an amazing career and is a raconteur extraordinaire! From hilarious to tragic and everything in between.

Enjoy the show and please write us with any comments and questions at Fig@SoThereIWas.us or Repete@SoThereIWas.us.

One thought on “4-Wheelin’ & Fires & Snakes, Oh My! Episode 7

  1. Great stories. Thank Chaz and tell him to take the stories wherever they lead him. Even as a 1400-hour private pilot, I’ve lost some good friends. We gotta take the bad times with the good times, and any pilot has had a lot of good times.

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