Big Beaver Up & Ready! Episode 8

Spaz joins Fig & Repete to tell of his time with the VMA-331 Bumble Bees before the squadron was “flamed-out” (Decommissioned); some of his time in 223; and what happened to cause him to return a Harrier to the tax-payers in many thousands of pieces.

Spaz has some great stories to share and is not shy about doing so. Not always a patient man, he describes himself as caffeinated at birth, but much calmer today. He and his fellow pilots took matters into their own hands to earn respect and watch out for one another.

He will “Be Back” for another show soon as we couldn’t fit it all in to a single hour.

2 thoughts on “Big Beaver Up & Ready! Episode 8

  1. I gotta thank you guys. I’m 75 years old, was in the Army for 3 years, got 1400 hours in my trusty 1964 C-172, and I’ve been a lot of places. In fact, I’ve been teaching English in Thailand since 2008. I thought I had a pretty extensive vocabulary, but I have never run into “voluntold.” What a GREAT word. I got volunteered for a lot of stuff, so I guess I was voluntold…just didn’t know it. I’m putting that in my arsenal, although I don’t know that I’ll have a chance to use it personally. I’m beyond volunt-anything. Maybe I can pass it on to the younger generation, so they don’t miss what I did.

    Keep up the great show.

    Tony in Thailand (TIT)

      1. SOOO glad you’re enjoying the show, Tony! Your students will certainly get a colorful vocabulary if they listen to this! ~Repete

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