FlyWire: Where’s The Rock? Episode 70

FlyWire Creator Scott Perdue

Soaring to New Heights with Scott Perdue of “FlyWire”: An Episode You Can’t Miss!

This week we have an electrifying guest: Scott “Gunny” Perdue, the aviation mastermind behind the hit YouTube channel, “FlyWire”. Get ready to strap in and embark on a thrilling ride through the skies of Gunny’s experiences. From nail-biting encounters in the F-4 Phantom to the adrenaline-packed tales in the F-100 Fokker, this episode promises a captivating journey for all aviation enthusiasts.

But the altitude doesn’t drop there. As Gunny delves deep into his own airborne adventures, listeners are treated to heartfelt stories of a father’s legacy, the exhilarating highs and nerve-wracking lows in the Marine Corps, and jaw-dropping tales from the cockpit. From witnessing the harrowing crash of a Harrier and then a Crash-Fire-Rescue truck to the edge-of-the-seat narrative of flying formation visual at night, this episode guarantees an aerial experience like no other.

As the episode unfolds, we also dive into the world of aviation safety, the point of the FlyWire Channel – dissecting accidents and emphasizing the importance of situational awareness. Briefly discussed here are the challenges of high-altitude flying in a V-tail Bonanza to the myth-busting insights into spatial disorientation, there’s a wealth of knowledge for both rookie pilots and seasoned aviators. Buckle up, spread the wings of your imagination, and take flight with this not-to-be-missed episode!

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