The Compulsive Story Teller: Me Too, Mom

The Compulsive Story Teller

As a special treat this week we are bringing you an episode from another podcast, The Compulsive Story Teller. Have you ever felt the pull of a compelling story? The kind that stays with you, long after it’s been told? Meet Gregg LeFevre, a New Yorker whose storytelling is not just a passion, but a compulsion. With over 200 public art projects worldwide, including NYC’s expansive Library Walk, Gregg’s work seamlessly blends historical narratives with artistic flair. His bronze reliefs and art pieces narrate forgotten events, from the African American burial ground at Foley Square to the Iowa City Literary Walk. But beyond the public spaces and the bronze, Gregg’s heart lies in the art of personal storytelling. A practice honed from family gatherings, where tales were more than entertainment—they were bridges to connection.

This lead to the birth of “The Compulsive Storyteller Podcast,” a space where Gregg dives deep, sharing stories that have shaped his life. Stories that not only entertain but also find common ground in our diverse world. Curious? We’re sharing an episode on our feed for you to get a taste of this exceptional show. Listen every Wednesday on Spotify or your favorite podcast platform. And for a visual treat of Gregg’s artistry, visit Dive into the world of a master storyteller, and let’s celebrate the stories that connect us all.