A Bunch of Friggin’ Balloons Episode 72

KC-130 Dropping Flares

We conclude our visit with Taco as he offers a thrilling account of his adventures; starting with recounting his visit to Iwo Jima on the 50th anniversary of the WWII battle, where he met survivors of the invasion force and explored the frozen-in-time caves and bunkers, providing a unique perspective on history.

Taco also discusses other aviation experiences, sharing his regret over the unfortunate crash of his Cherokee after he sold it. He then touches on flying his 1929 Fleet bi-plane and its eventual sale to a friend in Australia.

The episode takes a ghastly turn when Taco describes the most terrifying moment he’s experienced in an aircraft, as he broke out of the clouds to a heart-stopping sight. This week’s episode aptly takes its title from that nerve-wracking incident.

As the show concludes, Taco shares an unbelievable yet true encounter with another aircraft, leaving us with a sense of wonder and amazement; How could this happen?! This episode promises a riveting journey through aviation tales that are nothing short of extraordinary. #AviationPodcast #AerialRefueling #KC-130Tanker