156618, My Old War Horse Episode 73

Hound with his old "War Horse" the RA-5C Vigilante!

Prepare for an exhilarating journey on this week’s episode of So There I Was, aptly titled “156618, My Old War Horse.” Listeners are in for a breathtaking adventure as they meet the remarkable “Hound,” who takes center stage alongside hosts Fig and RePete. Hound’s lifelong fascination with flight ignited in a small airplane, where he gazed upon his own house from the skies, setting the stage for a life of airborne intrigue.

Hound’s determination led him to the Naval Academy, his eyes fixed on becoming a carrier-based pilot. However, a twist of fate steered him away from the Marines when he uncovered the precarious nature of flight status within their ranks. Undaunted, he embarked on advanced jet training in Meridian, MS, ultimately choosing the RA-5C Vigilante—a Mach-2 photo reconnaissance jet—as his vessel of choice after completing flight school.

The heart-stopping apex of Hound’s narrative occurs as he finds himself virtually alone over the perilous skies of North Vietnam, facing an astonishing 11 SA-2 Surface-to-Air missiles, one of which strikes their aircraft. Through a combination of skill, unyielding determination, and a dash of incredible luck, Hound miraculously returns to the carrier.

But Hound’s odyssey doesn’t conclude there. He regales us with tales of flying iconic aircraft like the A-4s, A-5’s, F-4s, and F-14s, all while forsaking the allure of a desk job at the Pentagon.

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