Treetop Level Across Gabon Episode 91

Books by Kerry McCauley

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a high-flying adventure with Kerry McCauley, the intrepid author of “Ferry Pilot” and “Dangerous Flights” as well as star of the Discovery Channel show by the same name; “Dangerous Flights.” He’s touching down on our show to share his thrilling and often unpredictable experiences in ferrying light civilian aircraft over oceans and through remote, challenging landscapes. These are places where these planes are as out of place as a penguin in the Sahara! Kerry’s stories are packed with suspense and surprises, reminding us that making it to the other side in one piece is more of a hope than a guarantee. Don’t miss out on episode 91 – it’s an aerial journey that promises more twists and turns than a roller coaster! ๐Ÿ›ฉ๏ธ๐ŸŒ

One thought on “Treetop Level Across Gabon Episode 91

  1. Greetings…

    Sticks here. You will note I appeared as Co-Horst for this show & if needed I will apologize in advance for that. Kerry, as noted by Repete & Fig, is an amazing raconteur. I managed to recruit him to come on the show & having read both his books had a little insight to his back story.

    For the record… we are not changing the formula for the show. I may appear time to time… but I am going to remain the fact “nerd” in the back ground. Repete & Fig remain the talent bringing out these amazing stories from our guests.

    With respect to Kerry…. “Sweet Fancy Moses” this guy has needs a wheel barrow about the size of Nasty’s to carry around his manhood. However, I must add each and every decision he made was a calculated one; so he does not belong into the domain of being “reckless.”

    I do love a challenge, I am a nerd & I am fixed / rotary-wing aviator with a passion to share & teach others. We joke about it; but please ask me a question or two… THERE IS NO STUPID QUESTION. Keep an eye on YouTube as I am going to trying my best to increase our content there.

    Repete & Fig are the hosts… yours truely is simply here to support. Please take a brief moment to like, comment subscribe and most importantly SHARE the show!!!!

    Check six…


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