I Saw the Ship’s Propellers Episode 97

Mooch Landing on the America with Otlichnyy, a Russian Sovremenny class destroyer off the port side.

In episode 97 of “So There I Was,” Mooch, a former F-14 Rio Extraordinaire, shared gripping aviation experiences from intercepting Iranian P3s to near collisions over Morocco. From Naval Academy training to missions aboard the USS Independence, Mooch’s journey showcased the camaraderie within the aviation community. The discussion included anecdotes of aerial refueling, humorous incidents in flight, and technological advancements in carrier aviation. The interview also delved into Mooch’s time as VF-102 department head, deployments during the Bosnian War, and transition to teaching at the Naval Academy, along with personal projects like the Punk’s Trilogy and involvement in digital media.

This episode draws to a close with a brief solemn tribute to Marine Captain Jack Casey, who, in the line of duty, made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation just a week before we recorded. We extend our deepest gratitude to the courageous souls who pledge their lives to our country—a commitment that, for some, exacts the highest price, leaving behind a legacy of bravery and families who bear their loss with dignity.

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