Hoka Hey Episode 96

SH-60 Landing Shipboard at Night!

Dive into an electrifying episode of So There I Was, where hosts, Fig, RePete, and Sticks, engage in a riveting conversation with the “Great Tuntini.” In this episode, Tuntini returns to share his experiences piloting helicopters and the evolution of them as weapon platforms in the US Navy, delving into the significant advancements the US Navy has made to enhance their effectiveness in this role.

But that’s not all – Tuntini takes us on a gripping journey into the heart of darkness, recounting his “solo” nocturnal flights aboard naval ships. He sheds light on the critical mission to refine night takeoff procedures, aiming to combat the disorienting effects pilots face in the challenging, low-visibility conditions of the night sea.

The episode escalates as we pivot to the turbulent waters of the Red Sea, where the US Navy is currently engaged in one of its most intense combat environments since World War II. Experience the tension and high stakes as Tuntini describes the close-quarters combat – likened to a “knife fight in a phone booth” – where there’s no margin for error.

Don’t miss this compelling episode of “So There I Was” – it’s a masterclass in courage, innovation, and the raw realities of modern naval warfare.